Benches and Track Laying


  • After the room was completed Vladimir built the benches as shown above in OCHRE 

  • In ORANGE is shown the upper part of the layout (Bahnhof Strasse in Preiten) which is placed 200 mm higher than the base board

Section Westwall

  • The above section through the west wall explains how the bench work around Preiten Hbf is arranged and how access to wiring is achieved.

  • The Photo Gallery below shows some of this work

  • After the benches and paths through the mountains were built PECO track (and CORK Underlay) were glued down with contact cement.

  • This was done for the sake of accuracy – we were aware that gluing implied great difficulties when correcting mistakes!

  • For accurate track laying we employed guides as shown below.

2014-09-06 17.12.03

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